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Lam Asterisk Plugin

This is english version of help for LamAsteriskPLugin. All english corrections are greeted.

General overview

This plugin give posibility to easly mange asterisk SIP accounts and extensions, that stored in LDAP.

Installing guide

The installation consist of two major steps. The firs you need to configure Asterisk to work with LDAP, the second is configuring LAM for work with youre LDAP-Asterisk enviroment.

Asterisk config

First of all, you have to compile asterisk with ldap support. The version of asterisk must be at least 1.6 for support for ldap realtime driver. In this satate the plugin can work only with SIP asterisk accounts so all examples that provided below related with sip accounts managment. For configuring asterisk several files had to be edited. First is res_ldap.conf. This file provide base settings for connection to LDAP, and provide mapping between Asterisk and ldap preferences. Here is example:

; Specify one of either host and port OR url.  URL is preferred, as you can
; use more options.
;protocol=3                          ; Version of the LDAP protocol to use; default is 3.
; Bind DN
pass=youre_pass             ; Bind password
; Configuration Table
; additionalFilter - This specifies an additional set of criteria to be used
; when querying the LDAP server.
; Attributes mapping (asterisk variable name = ldap attribute name)
; When Asterisk requests the variable by the name of the value on the left,
; this module will look up the attribute listed on the right.
filename = AstConfigFilename
category = AstConfigCategory
variable_name = AstConfigVariableName
variable_value = AstConfigVariableValue
cat_metric = AstConfigCategoryMetric
commented = AstConfigCommented
context  =  AstContext
exten  =  AstExtension
priority = AstPriority
app = AstApplication
appdata = AstApplicationData
;name = uid ;это я изменил для новой инсталяции
name = uid
amaflags = AstAccountAMAFlags
callgroup = AstAccountCallGroup
callerid = AstAccountCallerID
canreinvite = AstAccountCanReinvite
context = AstAccountContext
dtmfmode = AstAccountDTMFMode
fromuser = AstAccountFromUser
fromdomain = AstAccountFromDomain
fullcontact = AstAccountFullContact
;fullcontact = gecos
host = AstAccountHost
insecure = AstAccountInsecure
mailbox = AstAccountMailbox
md5secret = AstAccountRealmedPassword
nat = AstAccountNAT
deny = AstAccountDeny
permit = AstAccountPermit
pickupgroup = AstAccountPickupGroup
port = AstAccountPort
qualify = AstAccountQualify
restrictcid = AstAccountRestrictCID
rtptimeout = AstAccountRTPTimeout
rtpholdtimeout = AstAccountRTPHoldTimeout
type = AstAccountType
disallow = AstAccountDisallowedCodec
allow = AstAccountAllowedCodec
MusicOnHold = AstAccountMusicOnHold
regseconds = AstAccountExpirationTimestamp
regcontext = AstAccountRegistrationContext
regexten = AstAccountRegistrationExten
CanCallForward = AstAccountCanCallForward
ipaddr = AstAccountIPAddress
defaultuser = AstAccountDefaultUser
regserver = AstAccountRegistrationServer

Pay attantion for mapping of asterisk attrs in this file, values by default dont't work. Second file to edit is extconfig.conf, where you have to add informatin to asterisk where it can find youre user, peers and extensions in LDAP.

sipusers => ldap,"ou=users,dc=youre_domain,dc=ru",sip
sippeers => ldap,"ou=users,dc=youre_domain,dc=ru",sip
extensions => ldap,"ou=extensions,dc=youre_domain,dc=ru",extensions

Then edit extensions.conf, and add somthing like this:

switch => Realtime/@

Or more complicated example (!!!Note then you add data in LAM plugin, context must be users or demo, but not default!!!)

switch => Realtime/@
switch => Realtime/@
include => users
include => demo

In this example we add rules for context users, demo, and default. Derective Realtime/@ meens that rules will be getted from LDAP.

Then you can add asterisk data to LDAP tree.

LDAP configuration

Now it's time to do some changes in LDAP access lists:

access to dn.subtree="ou=extensions,ou=you_ou,dc=you_domain,dc=org" attrs=AstApplication,AstApplicationData,AstPriority
 by group.exact="cn=ldap_admins,ou=groups,ou=you_ou,dc=you_domain,dc=org" write
 by dnattr=member write
 by users read
 by * none
access to dn.subtree="ou=users,ou=you_ou,dc=you_domain,dc=org"attrs=AstAccountCallerID,AstAccountContext,AstAccountHost,AstAccountRealmedPassword,AstAccountPort,AstAccountMailbox,AstAccountLastQualifyMilliseconds,AstAccountIPAddress,AstAccountExpirationTimestamp,AstAccountDefaultUser,AstAccountUserAgent
 by dn="uid=asterisk,ou=some_accounts,ou=you_ou,dc=you_domain,dc=org" write
 by group.exact="cn=some_ldap_admin,ou=groups,ou=you_ou,dc=you_domain,dc=org" write
 by users read
 by * none

This will allow the asterisk user to modify relevant to Asterisk fileds in users entries and also allow owners of extensions (members of group that present the extension account) to modify some necessary attributes/

Installing plugin

!!! Now main version of plugin available directly from LAM Relise for testers. And this topic is only for development version. You can safley avoid it.

Plugin available via subversion. To get it use

svn co
user: guest
password: guest

After that you will have several files in the LAMAsteriskPlugin directory

Let assume that $(LAM)="youre_LAM_installation_directory" To get plugin work put files in this manear:

cd LAMAsteriskPlugin
cp $(LAM)/lib/modules/
cp astExtensionAccountType.png $(LAM)/graphics/    
cp $(LAM)/lib/modules/
cp default.astExtensionAccountType $(LAM)/config/profiles/
cp $(LAM)/lib/types/

Modules Configuration

When files are installed modules need to be configure via LAM interface. In profiles configuration page you have to add Asterisk Extensions to list of active types and set ldap suffix for store extensions.

Asterisk Extensions: Asterisk Extensions entries
LDAP suffix     ou=extensions,ou=youre_subdivision,dc=youre_domain,dc=org
Attributes list #cn;#AstExtension;#AstPriority		

Also for add asterisk account entries to youre exist account (or for create accounts with unix, samba and asterisk entries), activate users account type. And if it's necessory you can add AstAccountCallerID to list of attributes, thet will be displayed in main page.

Users  (e.g. Unix, Samba и Kolab)
LDAP suffix     ou=users,ou=youre_subdivision,dc=youre_domain,dc=org
Attributes list #uid;#givenName;#sn;#uidNumber;#gidNumber;#AstAccountCallerID

After adding types, you have to add modules asteriskAccount into users category and asteriskExtension into Asterisk extensions. For do this go to the Account types and Modules tabs in profile configuration page. Lam plugin ast account adding to profile.jpg Lam plugin add asterisk extension to profile.jpg Now we can check installation by adding test user with asteriskAccount entries and asteriskExtension. For check user asterisk entries type in asterisk console:

sip show peer youre_user load

and read output, or try to fix errors.

User guide

This version of plugin now allow such fings as:

  1. add to user asterisk SIP account entries
  2. manage asterisk extensions

Simply push button and you will add Asterisk account information into account.

LamAstPlugin add ast id.jpg

Now you can fill areas by account info. In this version you can only set acount name, context for this acount, and host for this account. For account host prefereble value is default, wich means that user can connect from everywere. Make shure that you context is equal with context that you useing then you configure Asterisk. Note: for facilate you work use profiles.

LamAstPlugin edit accounts.jpg

In extensions configuration page, you can add several propertys for extension. One extension object is like one string in extensions.conf file. Then you need more then one extension for one account, i.e. then you wish to provide sip dial, voicemail, or somthing else, you can simply create more extensions and set in the priority page they priority.

Then you may change extension owners. You mast have atleast one owner, for extension. Now I try to explain the main idea of this fitche. The owner of extension is the person (or simply record in LDAP), who has Asterisk acount object in it's ldap record (In future this may be changed, becouse admin of extensions may not have asterisk account). The main idea is that extension owner can change the extensions records in LDAP. For example admin of extensions can manage sip numbers around groupe of people, change thay priority etc. Enother example is personal use of this fichure. If current user by means of some soft tool can edit ldap records, he can manage extensions thet he own. I.e. then he go home he can swich calls from work phine to cell phone by editing extension priority page. Maybe somewone will write nice tool for this in future  :).

LamAstPlugin edit extensions.jpg


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